Maryland Harp Music Lessons – faqs

Do students need a musical background before starting lessons?

No prior musical knowledge is required. Ms. Bryant can work with students at any level – from very beginner who has no knowledge of music, to advanced students.

Can Homeschool students receive credit for lessons?

Yes. It satisfies an arts credit in homeschool programs.

What is the fee for lessons?

$24.00 for a half hour lesson, and $48.00 for an hour lesson.

Where can I get a beginner instrument?

Ms. Bryant offers inexpensive student instruments to rent or rent-to-own. These beginner instruments have either 22 or 29 strings, and provide a low-risk way for students to decide if they want to continue to develop their skills, purchasing better-quality instruments as they progress.

What are some benefits of learning to play the harp?

Students gain a sense of self-esteem, have increased coordination and learn discipline. By gaining a musical foundation, they have a comprehension of rhythm and understand music signs, symbols and notation, allowing them to transfer this skill to other instruments if desired.

Am I too old to start lessons?

You’re never too old to learn! Music transcends age. Ms. Bryant has students from all age groups: young children, teens, and adults.

At what age can children begin lessons?

Children should be able to sit attentively, follow directions and have an attention span of at least 30 minutes. This will vary with individuals, but generally 7 years old is a good age to start learning the harp.

What are the times and places you offer lessons?

Both daytime and evening lessons are offered in Ms. Bryant’s studio located in Carroll County, Maryland

Call Ms. Bryant at (410) 795-7224 to learn more about taking Maryland harp lessons!

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