Maryland Harp Music Lessons

maryland harp music lessonsElaine Bryant’s thorough knowledge of harp music, performance, techniques and instruction methods make her an excellent harp teacher. She has prepared students for

  • Recitals
  • Competitions
  • College auditions
  • School orchestra programs
  • Harp ensemble (multiple harps)

In addition, Ms. Bryant has worked with many home-school students, incorporating her classes into their curriculum.

Harp Lessons in Maryland

  • Instruction available for both lever and pedal harp
  • Lessons of either a half-hour or one hour per week
  • Daytime or early evening hours can be scheduled
  • Rental and Rent-to-Own harps available

Ms. Bryant offers private Maryland harp music lessons to both children and adults in her studio in Carroll County, Maryland. Children need to be old enough to have an appropriate attention span and an ability to concentrate and stay focused during lessons and practice sessions. They must also be tall enough to sit behind a harp, comfortably reach the strings and have a large enough hand span. This varies with individuals, but typically by about 7 years of age most children are ready to begin lessons.

Once students have mastered the fundamentals by following a clear curriculum to develop their technique, they are given flexibility to study music that interests them. For example, some students may prefer Celtic music, while others may lean more toward hymns or classical music.


Student Instruments

For beginners that want to explore their talents and interest in playing harp music, Ms. Bryant offers inexpensive student instruments to rent or rent-to-own. These harps provide a low-risk way for students to decide if they want to continue to develop their skills, purchasing better-quality instruments as they progress.

The beginner instruments have either 22 or 29 strings, and are small enough to be considered lap instruments. However, they are placed on specially-designed platforms allowing them to be anchored on the floor. This provides the student with a stable base from which to play. Adults often choose 29-string harps, while 22 strings are the perfect size for young, elementary school students. They come with a set of strings, a tuning key, and a soft, waterproof cover with handles so that even young students can carry it.

Studio Lessons

Ms. Bryant offers harp lessons in her studio in Eldersburg, located in Carroll County, MD. Students are not required to bring their harps to music lessons, as she has both a lever and pedal instrument available for teaching. For young students, Ms Bryant welcomes parents to observe music lessons close at hand, or to watch from another room.

Students find it very rewarding to learn to play such a beautiful and unusual instrument. They develop high self-esteem because they have a unique skill that gives listeners so much enjoyment.


Students are provided the option of weekly half-hour or full-hour lessons:

  • $24.00 for a one-half hour lesson
  • $48.00 for an hour lesson

Call (410) 795-7224 for details about

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