Maryland Wedding Ceremony Music – faqs

How will I know what music selections to make for my wedding ceremony?

During a scheduled consultation, Ms. Bryant suggests wedding ceremony music, appropriate for each type of service, and then plays all of the pieces, including the processional harp music, ceremony music, and recessional music. This highly effective approach allows clients to know exactly what music they will hear at their wedding, how it will sound on the harp, and what effect it will have on the ceremony.

Is there an extra fee for a wedding consultation?

No. The consultation is included in the total fee. As each wedding ceremony is unique and should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, we offer a no-obligation consultation. Friends and family members are welcome to attend this session where we tailor the music to suit each couple’s preferences.

Is the harp amplified during a wedding ceremony?

The harp is amplified during a wedding ceremony, even though the sound of the harp is powerful enough to be heard without it. The harp is also amplified for cocktail parties or wedding receptions due to the louder conditions.   

What does it cost to have Harp Shadows play at my wedding?

Fees for a wedding ceremony are $250, and $80 for each hour thereafter.

What are the locations that Harp Shadows will play for weddings?

Weddings at various venues can be accommodated in Carroll County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, or Frederick County. Call us at (410) 795-7224 to find out if we’re available to play at your location.

What if I want a music selection that isn’t in Harp Shadows’ repertoire?

If a requested selection can be adapted for playing on the harp, Ms. Bryant can accommodate such requests. 

Can I have the harp as an accompaniment to a vocalist?

Yes. Ms. Bryant often accompanies a vocalist for a ceremony. 

Can the harp be played outside?

Absolutely. It is the perfect instrument for an outdoor wedding..

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